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Stat Modeller is thankful to all the stakeholders for their continuous support.
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Stat Modeller is thankful to all the stakeholders for their continuous support.
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Stat Modeller is thankful to all the stakeholders for their continuous support.
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This Five days online certification course on Data Visualization through Power BI provides me learning experience teach me the proper techniques of using data in presented mode that will results into meaningful report, he also taught me how to learn independently. Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good. Hiren sir did a good job of communicating skill and making it a more comfortable environment while learning. I learned a lot. I would like to thank you for your support. Your course was little challenging for me as I am from commerce background, but you were always there supporting me and ready to help. Your approach towards learner was very humble and best part that you always enjoying to answers to the silly questions too without being irritated. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I also thankful to STATMODELLER for providing knowledge about POWER BI. I look forward to taking another class with you.

Dr. Bhavesh Lakhani

Dr. Bhavesh Lakhani

Associate Professor in Commerce, GACC Ahmedabad

The team of Stat Modeller has made immense efforts in making participants learn and understand the course in a much easy way. Having attended the session, they not only explain the functions and usage of the tools, but they also explain when and how these tools can be used in managerial decision-making processes. Looking forward to more such enriching sessions.

Poonam Parmar

Poonam Parmar

First Year Student, MBA, IIM Rohtak

The program was a great experience. I was new to python and the sessions made me get going. I am not new to analytics and now I am having an added arsenal in my toolkit. The hallmark of the program was Hiren, who patiently addressed all queries however trifling to drill concepts deep down. I am now very comfortable and confident in using python. I will recommend this program to all aspirants who wish to venture into the wonderful world of analytics.

Anup Das

Anup Das

“The data analysis is crucial part for the research. And in most case, researchers are expert in own domain not in statistical analysis. I was lucky enough to get the reference of Stat Modeller (Mr. Hiren Kakkad) for my PhD related work.

After intense search, I meet them, make aware with my requirement. I gave data in required format and got complete solution in a one day…!! It was Hypothesis Testing with 10 case studies related to Quality Management. I got solution by ANOVA and Turkey Simulation Test. The various diagrams like Interval plot, Box plot, and Individual plot made results easy to understand. Further I got point to point comparative analysis of productivity related data.”

Prof. Kandarp Joshi

Prof. Kandarp Joshi