A 2-Day Workshop:

Mastering Advanced Excel with ChatGPT

Unlock the Full Potential of Excel with Cutting-Edge Automation Techniques!

  • No Prior Coding Knowledge Needed

  • Extract Valuable Insights in Minutes

  • Save Up to 2 Hours Daily

  • Transform Dull Data into Stunning Reports

  • Master Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Get Trained by a Microsoft Expert

6th & 7th Jul 2024


9:30 AM to 5:30 PM IST



Access to our Advanced Excel Course

It's a physical classroom training at Vadodara Location

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“2-Day Workshop on Mastering Advanced Excel with ChatGPT”

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Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Data Analysis

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Day 1: Foundations and Advanced Techniques

  • Introduction to Basic Formulas (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, LARGE, SMALL) 
  • Advanced Formulas (SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s), AVERAGEIF(s)) 
  • Real-world examples and hands-on practice 
  • Basics of Conditional Formatting 
  • Advanced Techniques with Conditional Formatting 
  • Creating dynamic reports with practical examples 
  • Applying Data Validation 
  • Applying Custom Data Validation 
  • Practical exercises and examples
  • Introduction to Financial Functions (PMT, NPV, IRR, XIRR, CAGR) 
  • Applying Financial Functions to real-world scenarios 
  • Case studies and practical exercises
  • Using INDEX and MATCH for flexible lookups 
  • Practical applications and exercise
  • Introduction to Text Functions (CONCATENATE, CONCAT) 
  • Advanced Text Functions (SEARCH, FIND, TEXTJOIN, TEXTSPLIT) 
  • Hands-on practice with real-world data

Day 2: Advanced Features and Automation

  • Basics of IF, Nested IF Statements 
  • Using AND, OR with IF for complex conditions 
  • Practical exercises and examples
  • Step-by-step creation of Gantt Charts in Excel
  • Practical exercises to create and customize charts
  • Importing data from PDF, Website, Excel, CSV 
  • Data Cleaning using PQE & ChatGPT
  • Creating and managing Pivot Tables
  • Using Pivot Charts for data visualization
  • Creating dynamic charts 
  • Creating cheat sheet of charts with help of ChatGPT 
  • Creating an interactive dashboard using Excel
  • Introduction to Excel automation and the role of ChatGPT 
  • Automating repetitive tasks using macros and VBA 
  • Integrating ChatGPT for data analysis and decision support 
  • Practical examples
  • Recap of key concepts  
  • Q&A session for clarifications and advanced queries 
  • Providing additional resources and learning paths

Bonus: You will get access to our Advanced Excel Masterclass for 1 year

What our Learners feel...

“The Excel training proved to be highly beneficial for daily work tasks.”

Nilesh Patel


“This Excel Training was excellent and highly useful for everyday applications.”



“Nice Training, very useful and it can help me to speedup my daily work. Thank You.”



Great Learnings. This training gonna help me in day-to-day routine, where I can consume more time and present my work in much better way. Perfect combination of Knowledge with fun.

Jigar Patel


“Truly excellent, nicely explained a clear understanding and proved to be immensely helpful. It was a remarkable experience overall.”

Hardik Patel


Training program was good and very knowledgeable. During session got much unknown things about in Excel program that has been unaware till date.

Ravindra Jadhav


“Very good experienced with this training and also learned new thing with number of examples given by Stat Modeller trainer.”

Krunal Rabari


“The session was held greatly. The material provided was absolutely fantastic to practice and it was quite easy to access.
The explanation in the workshop was amazing and given with quite clarity. The overall experience with the workshop was absolutely amazing and 100%. “

Mahek Gupta


The session was very interesting. Learn many more things from this session. All little concept covered from this session …thank you

Vishal Shelar


Fees: 9999 INR + GST

3499 INR Including GST

Venue: Vadodara


What prior knowledge or experience is required for this workshop?
  • No prior knowledge or coding experience is required. This workshop is designed for participants of all skill levels.
How will this workshop help me save time in my daily tasks?
  • By mastering advanced Excel functions and automation techniques with ChatGPT, you can streamline data processing tasks, saving up to 2 hours daily.
What tools and software will I need for the workshop?
  • You will need a computer with Microsoft Excel installed. We will provide guidance on any additional tools or software needed for integrating ChatGPT.
Will I receive a certification upon completing the workshop?
  • Yes, participants will receive a certification upon successful completion of the workshop.
Is there any support available after the workshop?
  • Yes, participants will have access to post-workshop email support for any questions or additional guidance needed.

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